Finish the story

Sophie, here’s your wish. One day, in a cloudy village, there was a holiday they were celebrating called “adoption day”. It was where everyone adopted a pet. It was a good cause because most of the animals in the shelter each year, were adopted. But once you got the pet, you have to keep it. But, however there was this one grouchy woman, who hated pets because she was allergic to all kinds of pets, she was called The Pet Hater. She was horrible. So, she disobeyed the rules and quickly put her pet in a flowerpot full of dirt. One person saw what happened though, Sarah, the great detective of the village. She told the whole town about it. Finish the story.


2 thoughts on “Finish the story

  1. Sarah went to the grouchy one and asked why her pet was in a flower pot. She said because I didn’t know what else to do with it. Sarah said that you need to bring it inside, take some allergy meds and let your pet love you. She tried it and found out how nice it was. She went from being.the pet hater to the pet lover of the town.


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